Rainbow Weddings

This past weekend I attended the wedding of two of my very best friends. What I loved about it the most was that it was traditional with a colourful twist.


Of course, I was the hairdresser for the event. She went with gigantic curly hair. This was achieved with the use of clip in extensions



For the bride’s sister we went a little more simple.



The theme for the even was “Alice in Wonderland”. I thought it was just great. It was also nice to see people inspired by the theme in their own outfits.

The venue was beautiful as well. It was held at Waterstone in King Township. A beautifully maintained horse farm. Complete with cats.


Enough about the wedding! On to what I wore! I kept with the theme of the wedding and decided that I would be the queen of hearts.


Boy did I get a lot of attention from this outfit! It took a lot of planning, and a little bit of crafting to pull off.

Let’s start off with the accessories.




The gold lips necklace was from H&M. Isn’t it great? I’m most likely going to wear it all of the time. My crown was crafted by myself with just a pop can and some gold spray paint. I could not find what I had in mind, so I had to make it myself. That gorgeous cocktail ring is by Daniel Pollock. The man needs a website. He does not have one. I only see him when I visit the One of a Kind show in Toronto. He did the jewelry for my own wedding as well.

On to the dress.




I love this dress. I ordered it a few months ago from City Chic Online. I believe it’s still in stock AND still on sale. It was a great fit and a little funky. It ca,e with the yellow belt. I would have liked a red one, but could not find one in time for the wedding. Oh well, no biggie.


I have such a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love shoes, but don’t hate the feet for them. Sad. I found these pretties at Naturalizer. I only wore them for three hours. After that I switched to my nude flats.

I even co-ordinated my husband for this event.




Isn’t he handsome? Don’t you love his tie? He bought his entire suit at goodwill for under $20. I found the tie at Forever 21.

It was a super fun wedding. Everyone was hungover the next day. I couldn’t even get a hold of the bride! Don’t worry, she survived and is enjoying her honeymoon in Mexico. I can’t wait for the next wedding!



Family Reunion Fun!

Happy civic holiday my fellow Canadians! The weather was great, just a little chilly.


On Saturday I wore an old reunion favourite.



The dress is from Forever 21. It was black. I got bored of it, so I tie dyed it with bleach. Neat!


I updated the look with a denim vest also from forever 21. I held off buying it all summer. Luckily it went on sale, 50% off. Perfect. I also found this great necklace at H&M. How could I not bring it home with me?

On Sunday I went for something a little more colourful.



The high low dress is from Walmart. It’s too short in the front, so I wore a pair of blue cut offs with tiny stars all over them.

It was a beautiful weekend, and we had a lot of fun!



Can’t wait for next year!


This is not so much a feature on fashion, more of a show and tell of our lovely hike at Rock Gorge Falls. Besides the false, there are also fossils to be found!


It was a little chilly, so I went with leggings, a navy tunic from Curvalicious in Victoria, and my star sweater from forever 21.



The water was freezing! I gave up after maybe 15 minutes. With my shoes back on, we soldiered on until we found a spot by the river with a lot of rocks.



FOSSILS GALORE! It was just like I was a kid again, collecting rocks. Even though I may have bitched more than I should have over the amount of stairs we had to climb, the park was beautiful. I will suck it up and go again!



Scarves: a snazzy bad hair day fix!



hoo boy, apologies for the bitch face in the third photo!

I love the summer! The only issue I have is the humidity. Holy cow! I’m sweaty and my hair is a giant frizzball. I could just throw my hair in a pony, except my hair is way too short. So how do I keep my hair tame and look super cute at the same time? SCARVES!

Scarves come in all shapes, colours, patterns, and sizes. They are also pretty inexpensive. Check out your local thrift store, it’s a gold mine! Fold them up, twist them, tie them in a bow. So many possibilities! Just have fun!

A simple ‘do for the mother of the groom


I love up do’s. The sad thing is, I don’t get to do a lot of them. Every couple years I take an up do class to freshen up the old skills. This beauty was one of many taught to us. It’s nothing new, she’s a classic. I was excited to learn these classic looks are making a comeback.

My client today is the mother of the groom. She has shoulder length, course hair. She was looking for something simple, yet classic. Perfect! How about a chignon? I term I have not used since hair school. The best part was that my lovely client brought with her this beautiful crystal hair comb. It was hair fate.

I am very happy with the result. I hope to be featuring more up do’s soon.

Lip Service


I love lipstick.


I think I have about 8 tubes in my purse alone. I can’t help myself. Lipstick is an inexpensive indulgence. The right lipstick transforms a look from pretty to vampy. Just look at the photo above. This is me after a swim in the pool. No makeup, hair a mess, RED LIPS. it just makes a statement.

I’m not tied down to one makeup brand, but I do prefer MAC Cosmetics. I’m weird about texture. MAC is not drying, and perfectly pigmented. Today I’m going to feature my top 5 go to shades. Trust me, it was hard to narrow it down.


Vegas Volt
I’m really picky about my corals. I don’t like them too orangie. This is just a pretty pink coral. It’s my “nude”. I can wear it with almost anything.


While I don’t love orange corals, I’m in love with this orange. The photo does not do this colour justice. Nice pure orange. I consider it one of my wilder shades. I would normally wear it with my vibrant sun dresses, or with all black, to really add a pop of colour.


Deepest Wish
When I first bought this colour, I was not really into it. It goes on almost like a gloss, and I’m not a huge fan of glosses. So it was hidden away for a little while. On Father’s Day this year I was feeling rather gothic, so I gave deepest wish another chance. Instead of trying to pile it on to get a rich colour, I apply it lighter, so it’s more of a glaze of plum and I love it.


Candy Yum-Yum
What a fun colour! Oh my goodness! It’s a rich, matte, vibrant pink. I wear this with everything, even if I shouldn’t. I don’t care! I love MAC’s matte finishes. The are not drying and stay on all day. I talk all day, this is very important.


Russian Red
Last but not least… Madonna is a fan. The legend, Russian Red. I honestly do wear this one with anything. It lasts and it’s perfect. Seriously. Buy it. No review needed.

I really could go on for hours on lipstick. Like I said, it’s and inexpensive pick me up. I run strait to my local MAC when I’ve had a rough day. Don’t be afraid to play with shades. Try something you may otherwise overlook. You’ll never know what would work for you until you try it out.

Happy 5th anniversary to the Browning/Cerillis


Today is the 5th anniversary of my marriage to Richard. Boy does time fly! We celebrated at my favourite restaurant Made in Mexico. If you’re ever around the Newmarket area, you MUST go.

I thought today deserved a special dress. I found this lovely over at City Chic online. It was, and still is, on sale. I also purchased this dress to wear to a wedding in August. STAY TUNED!!! I made the mistake of browsing and saw at least 5 other dresses on sale that I would absolutely LOVE. I’m such a dress addict!

This was my first time ordering from the site, or from any UK store. I found their sizing guide very helpful. Be sure to measure yourself ahead of time. I can’t quite afford their regular prices, but they do have great sales. It looks like they’ve added more dresses to the sale section since I ordered 6 weeks ago. I will definitely be ordering from them again. Hopefully soon!






I was sick of my boring hair accessories, so I ran to my local Dollarama for some inspiration and supplies. What did I come up with? ZOO HAIR CLIPS! Fun! I also bought a bag of dinosaurs. Keep your eyes peeled for those in the future.

Also, I got a manicure yesterday. Manicures are my one big splurge. I could go somewhere cheaper, but they wouldn’t last as long, or look as nice. I’ve never been able to grow my nails out long on their own. My nails are weak and brittle. The gel gives them a base so they can grow. I’ve always admired almond shaped nails, and now I can have them!



(photo credit: Katie West therealkatiewest.wordpress.com)


Here I am.  I’ve been asked several times to start a blog, and it only took a couple of years for me to do it.

HI! I am Sarah Cerilli, I am a hairdresser and I live in Ontario, Canada. I LOVE FASHION! I love high fashion, I love thirfting, I love all of it!  I hope to share with all of you my own sense of style.  It has taken 31 years to develop, and to be honest it needs some tweaking, but I’m pretty happy where I am today.

I am going to try my best to feature one outfit a week, with little updates on the treasures I may have picked up. I’m excited to get started!

Feel free to ask any question or make any suggestions. All I ask is that you keep an open mind.

We are all beautiful.